Startup Game



Invite your friends and family to help you grow your idea or inspire others to grow theirs. The Startup Game generates more effective ideas than any other game in just 45 minutes. Guiding you from creation to realization using six Waypoints: Define, Discover, Design, Develop, Deliver and Drive! Every Waypoint has it’s own specific focus and result, they are the logical order for all the tools you need to get started. 60 toolcards put you actively in the seat of an entrepreneur. Who would you hire? What would be your marketing campaign? Would your company be a tiger or a turtle? And would you rather have Obama or Branson in your virtual board? Why Play? Every venture, whether personal, business, social, technological, or otherwise, begins with you. You are likely to be the first to do something, so don’t wait for the right time, or the right place. Start now.


    November 2016 in de winkels
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